Opening Hours


Unfortunately it is still not sustainable for us in the cafe to remain open at this stage. We’ve decided to close again until we are able to safely run events. Even if we were ‘allowed’ to (which we aren’t) we just don’t feel comfortable trying to fill our venue to capacity at the moment, which is what we essentially need to do to be profitable.

The sanctuary will remain open for booked tours only and they can be booked in advance via their website 

Please remember that this business is run separately so you’ll need to contact them for any enquiries about tours.

Even with the huge amount of support we’ve received, a la carte cafe service just doesn’t work for us right now. Thank you so much for your understanding. This is an unprecedented situation and we’ve been doing our best to navigate it in a way that ensures the longevity of our business. We don’t want to operate from a place of emergency and scarcity and make decisions that only serve the short term. As a business, are here for the long haul and we have a lot of huge things in the works for the future. The future of vegan food needs us to look at the big picture and that’s what we are doing when making this decision.

See you again soon!

Lots of love - SC Team xx


35 Crane Road

Lithgow NSW


Tel: 02 6352 1133

Photographs by:

Helen Flint

Jemima Richards