Frequently asked questions

How can I see the animals at Secret Creek?

The cafe is set within the sanctuary so you may see some of the animals if you visit the cafe. Unfortuntely the sancturary isn't open right now due to covid. The only way you can access some parts of the sanctuary is by booking a tour. You can book a tour by heading to

Where do I find information about weddings at Secret Creek?

You can download a weddings info pack here. You can also email Tenille directly at

Do you do offsite catering?

Yes, absolutely. Get it touch with Tenille directly to discuss your event. You can also visit the wesbite of our catering company for more information!

Why did you change your menu to vegan?

Have a read of the information here, it will give you a bit of insight as to why we decided to change our menu to no longer serve meat or animal products. We decided to put our values front and centre, work towards creating a future where all animals are valued and reduce the negative impact we have on our environment. If you visited before 2015, I invite you to come in and give our new plant-based menu a try, before dismissing us due to this change. I guarantee you will be delighted and surprised that vegan food can be so delicious and satisfying! It's not all twigs and leaves!

Why do you use words like 'chicken' 'beef' 'cheese' or 'cream' when talking about the food you make if its vegan?

Our dishes are vibrant, delicious, inventive plant-based versions of comfort food that you know and love. Many of those familar dishes traditionally centered around animal products. We use these words to describe some of our dishes so you know what to expect when you eat it. The textures, the flavour profiles, the way it is served, might be similar to something you are used to. Some people even say that our plant based versions of these meaty cheesy creamy dishes are better than the original. We agree because no one had to suffer to make them! For people who are averted to these types of foods, we also have LOTS of dishes that use vegetables only. Showcasing amazing locally grown fresh produce and the versatility of cooking only with plants.

Are you kid friendly?

Absolutely! We have a kids menu, high chairs and a change table. We are an ABA Breastfeeding Welcome Here venue, which basically means if anyone has a problem with how you're feeding your baby we'll kick them out! The only thing to be aware of when bringing kids here is safety around the animals. Its super important to keep a close eye on your kids when they are outside. Not only are the animals in the sanctuary wild (and shouldn't be trusted!), there are also other dangers like spiders, snakes and bodies of water. The dingos can also get a little upset by really loud kids playing too close to their enclosures. Just be mindful the sanctuary is a safe space for the animals, not necessarily for little people.