MENU for 28th/29th OF MARCH


Mexican burrito bowl with rice, chilli con frijoles, corn and red pepper salsa (GF)

Lentil and vegetable shepherd's pot pie (GF)

Napolitana meatballs with sweet potato mash, steamed greens(GF) 

Chickpea noodle soup (GF) 

Roasted pumpkin, ginger and lemongrass coconut curry with steamed rice (GF)

Thanks so much for your support!


Delivery schedule guide at this stage is:


Bathurst Saturday 9-3pm


Portland Saturday 9-1pm

Wang Saturday 9-1pm

Rydal Saturday 9-1pm

Local Lithgow area Saturday 1-3pm


Katoomba Sunday 9-3pm

If you have a very specific time that you'd prefer delivery, please note it down in the comments and we'll do our best to accommodate. We'll be in touch if we can't manage it. If you would like our delivery driver to leave your order outside, please leave an esky on your doorstep and maybe note this in the comments too! If you're home but prefer no contact with the driver, just let us know in the comments ads well. If you would prefer to pick up from us, you can do this anytime between 9am and 3pm on Saturday.   

Just a side note, unfortunately, this time, we will be bringing your meals in plastic containers. It was the only freezer safe packaging we had access to this time. We encourage you to keep and reuse them.


Thank you!!   


35 Crane Road

Lithgow NSW



Tel: 02 6352 1133

Photographs by:

Helen Flint www.facebook.com/helenflintphotography

Jemima Richards