Vegan cafe & restaurant

Secret Creek Cafe and Restaurant has been open since 2003. It has been run for 15 years by the same local family who have been in Lithgow for 6 generations.

In 2015 we changed our menu to 100% vegan! This is because we believe that our menu should be a reflection of our values and we want to be an active part of creating the type of world we'd like to live in.


One of the most effective things we can do for the health of our planet is to eat sustainably. This is why we choose to serve only plant-based food.

Ultimately, we decided to put our values front and centre, and work towards creating a future where all animals are valued.


35 Crane Road

Lithgow NSW


Tel: 02 6352 1133

Photographs by:

Helen Flint

Jemima Richards